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Okay. Today, we're going to talk about a product that I absolutely love. It's a versatile product, and it's something that we have on smazy.com for purchase. And it's not something we manufactured, but we stumbled upon it. I stumbled upon this through two different parts of my practice. Number one, laser tattoo removal and hair transplantation.

Well, what's so interesting about this is this is we're going to give you six huge benefits of adding saltwater to your skincare routine. And it's all based around this product that the doc's talking about.


Now, the doc, and I both have some really interesting backstories to this brand. You go ahead and go first.

Well, I mean, I know the manufacturer of this because I mean, he's been out to the office and we ... It's called H2Ocean.


Okay. It's basically sea salt spray in a can that you can carry with you wherever you go. But this stuff is so cool, because you think about simple things. This is a simple product that I think works for a lot of different problems.

What's amazing about it is this is different. There's a regular H2Ocean that they're using in tattoo salons and for piercings and all of that. But this is something that they developed that's has three times the amount of the active ingredients for physicians.

Right. And so we use this whenever we do hair transplant surgery to spray on the hair because you can't take a shower immediately afterwards, and you have these thousands of little holes that we placed in the head to put the new hair follicles in and so it gets itchy, and there's a lot of healing going on. We recommended the individual, the patient applies this several times a day, sprays it on.

But I've had patients with stubborn wounds. I had a patient that they had a breast lift augmentation somewhere else. Okay. And they came in and sometimes this happens. They say, "I'm so sorry I didn't come to you. There's a problem." And they showed me their breasts and there were these two big gaping wounds on the vertical part.

That's not good.

They probably, the surgeon went too big with the implant or too tight with the closure. Regardless, they had these non-healing wounds, and they were like that for about six weeks. And they were putting peroxide everyday on it, which you don't want to do on a wound because peroxide actually inhibits wound healing. I said, "Listen, let's just simplify this. I'm going to give you a can of this H2Ocean. Okay. I'm going to give you some gauze. And I want you to spray it on, put the gauze on and do that three times a day." Do you know, she came back a week later and I kid you not, she goes, "This thing is like 90% closed." It was crazy.

I absolutely [crosstalk 00:03:07].

I was like looking at it. I was like how's that possible? Well, and here's why it's possible. I mean, this is red sea salt, right? It's a natural anti-inflammatory, and it has something called a lysozyme in it. Right? When you have wound healing and you have issues, bacteria often colonizes wounds and slows down the healing because the bacteria is fighting your natural cells to make the wound closed. Lysozymes, you know where else they are?


It's really cool. They're in tears. Right?


They protect our eyes. Lysozymes are these types of enzymes that just destroy bacteria. They kick its rear end. They make it so much better. You're spraying on this natural lysozyme from the ocean that just breaks down any microbes, any bacteria, just kills it.

That's what I was talking about with the three times of the active ingredient. It's exactly what you're talking about.

Yeah, it's triple the lysozyme.

That's what they put in there.

The big deal in this, but there's a lot of other stuff in it too. And you know, one of them is magnesium, which is a real calming agent, for atopic dermatitis like eczema.

Okay. That's why I started using it. This is a funny story, and doc, I don't even know if you know this. A guy who does the hair transplant in here.

My coordinator.

Coordinate it.

I do the hair transplants.

Well, yes. The coordinator does it. And I actually spoke with him about it because this is so funny. Okay. I know someone who is getting a hair transplant with the doctor.

Right. I know him too.

And yeah. And I was having severe eczema at the time. My eczema flares up and then it goes away and it flares up. And I was thinking, because we're from south Florida, my husband and I originally, and the guy who owns H2Ocean. My husband used to own a jet ski company, and he used to run the jet skis for my husband.

Yeah, it's a small world.

They've known each other for so long, so it was so funny because I said to him, "I need some H2Ocean, but the regular H2Ocean, I don't know if it'll do it for me." And he's like, "Oh, well, I think the doc has the one has three times the amount at his practice." I had called up your coordinator and I said, "Do you guys have any H? I'll buy it. I need to try this." I used a couple bottles and it started getting better and better.

Sure. Kids with eczema. You take them to the beach, put them in the ocean, the eczema gets better. You know? And so one of the treatments for eczema at nighttime is salt baths. And the reason for that magnesium, calms it down. It's an anti-inflammatory. It kills off bacteria. Right. And it speeds up the healing of damaged tissue. The other thing that's in this because natural sea salts, calcium, which balances out the oils in our skin and it helps promote cell renewal. There's another mineral that's in there, but there's small amounts of sulfur in this product as well.

Okay. What does sulfur do?

Well, sulfur, you have to be careful. Some people have sulfur allergies. Right. Sulfur is what smells like rotten eggs when you go to the ocean.

Okay, yeah. We've talked about that a little bit.

It's a compound that's a natural disinfectant. And so there are actually antibiotics that are sulfur based.

Okay. Oh, yeah. Okay.

Trimethoprim, Sulfonamide. These are very old school antibiotics. They're some of the first antibiotics that we developed besides penicillin. And that's a natural disinfectant as well. And then there's bromide in it, and that suits, the scan relieves different issues and can relieve muscle cramps. Bromide is something that's another ... I remember there was bromide salts that people would prepare, and that helps with the skin. And potassium, sodium, zinc. There's so much in this that really makes a difference.

So many different minerals. And it is to me a lifesaver. I felt like if I didn't have this, I would just, my eczema would be unbelievably flared. And it is really getting rid of it. Now, that on top of me using this Mady Skincare line, which is free of parabens and sulfates and all the other irritants, my whole regimen, I'll put below, if you have any eczema issues, this is working for me and I haven't had to take any prescription products. Because some people-

It's all natural. It's basically like living near the ocean, which is ... Oftentimes, people who live near the ocean, they don't have these issues with psoriasis, eczema, because that salt water actually is in the air.

Sure. And even in the ocean. Because even in the ocean, because I used to live half a mile from the beach in south Florida for years. I still felt like this is sterile saline. I still feel like it's even ... because on the face.

Well, yeah, this is the thing. Ocean water has a lot of sewage runoff.


Right? Rainwater runs off and it pulls all the junk that's in the street into the ocean. And if you take a teaspoon of like true ocean water, there's a lot of stuff that's in it.

I'm sure.

There's little micro. There's a whole microbiome in there. You've got little micro krill. You've got all sorts of single cell organisms. Not exactly ... It gets worse the closer you are to any storm drainage output. And you don't want to just go and get spoonfuls or jars full of ocean water because you don't know what's in it.

Yeah. In Florida. My bathtub water was always a green [crosstalk 00:08:28].

Yeah. This has been purified, and it's really good stuff. I love this. And you know why I like it?


It's simple.

It is so simple.

It's so simple.

It's inexpensive. It's not very expensive. We have smaller sizes as well, so you can throw it-

Put it in your purse.

... in your gym bag, put it in your purse. Use it throughout the day. There's a lot of mask wearing going on now. A lot of people are getting this thing called Mask itch, which no one knows what it is. It's just different bumps. It's helped with that. I mean, to me, it's a lifesaver and we have to remember, it's not just a regular H2Ocean that you can buy on Amazon-

Triple strike.

... or anything like that. This one has a three times amount.

That's why we carry it at smazy.com. This is good stuff. Whether you're having laser tattoo removal, if you're having a laser skin resurfacing, it could work well for post peel regimens, wound care ...

Any weird skin bombs, dermatitis-


... allergies, eczema.

I think-

Wound healing like you were talking about.

It's bringing us closer to nature, but nature in a can.

But it's actually working. That's the thing. So many people say, oh use it. No. This actually works out. That's not an overnight thing, but throughout the past four to six weeks, humongous difference. I'm on about two months I've been using it.

Little spritz.

Eczema is almost gone.

A little spritz, right? I mean-

I do it when I wake up. I'll put it on my face and then-

A couple little passes of a mist.

If I went and worked out in the middle of the day, then I use it again. And then I do it when I go to sleep.

And it's refreshing too.

So refreshing. It's really nice.

It's one of those things you're not going to see in a lot of places because people just don't know about it, but we know because this is the knowledge base that I bring to this [crosstalk 00:10:05].


We appreciate your attention. This is a product that if you want to try it out, you can find it on smazy.com. S-M-A-Z-Y.

Yeah. I'll put a link below too, so you can click it, and it'll be really easy to find.

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