What Is Problem Based Learning In Skincare


The causes of them, the treatments and the skincare to use with the, and this is what we call problem based learning. Okay. So we start with the issue and we've worked back towards the solution. Sometimes it will start with the actual product, which is a solution-based, uh, education, right. We will have a, uh, treatment-based education where we actually work from one direction. We work at the treatment level. We talk about that product and come back in. But from here, this is called problem-based learning. We look at the problem and we look at the constellation of things around it that may cause it, and the treatments that may help it.

Yes. Because it's so important, especially when you're talking about things like rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, you know, some of those things, there's just a lot of different reasons that...

Right. The science behind it. So you want to understand that science part and then, uh, the different kinds of regimens out there.

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