What skin type are you Oily Skin #skintips


So we're going to talk about oily skin. Now oily skin could mean a lot of different things, right? Either oily or you're  oily with a lot of acne, right? So just because you're oily doesn't mean that the and oily skin just generally says that you're more prone to developing that the output of the pores, you know, it's, uh, it's a discharge of sebum and oil things that protect the skin and nature, but in, you know, day to day sort of appearance can make you look, sweaty, can make you look kind of shiny, shiny over the top in some ways. 

And it really, when you take pictures can be reflective and, you know, make people feel a little bit more self-conscious they definitely have a higher tendency towards outbreaks with acne and require a little bit different approach, obviously. So we're not going to be using oil-based compounds on oily skin. Uh, we want to just make sure that we're not forgetting our, you know, cleansing routine and going through the whole steps of it that that really are geared towards oily skin.

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