Where Does Oily Skin Come From?


So, you know, oily skin comes from a lot of things, right. It could be, you know, genetics, which is probably the main underlying factor to, you know, having oily skin, but you know, it, everything with skin, there are other factors, as well as, you know, things that are out of your control. Like one of them was the environment, right. 

Um, your climate basically. Okay. Where are you in the country? I mean, it may, that may cause more oil stress, right? Stress is another stress is huge for oily skin and acne. Yeah. People who stress tend to be oilier. Um, and it may be some sort of, kind of sympathetic reaction, you know, the, um, the sebaceous glands, you know, overactive, you know, the funny thing is, is that we have so many receptors in our body. Uh, and some of these cells that we don't think have a sensitivity to like something in our body.

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