Why is PH Balance Important For Our Skin?


And why is pH balance important? Well, you know, the bacteria flora on our skin really thrive in certain really narrow, uh, pH zone, sort of the pH gets off. It may lead to more acne and balancing it back out, helps us skin look more healthy and prevent acne breakouts.

Well, I love using, uh, the gentle toner in the daytime because let's just a lot of times I don't have makeup on in the daytime if I'm not going anywhere. And I do my workout or take my walk and I love just a spritz of the toner. It just, it just makes everything feel more fresh and clean. And you don't have to do a full wash of your face again. 

It can be refreshing, which is a nice sort of midday. Pick me up as we speak.

So, yeah. So it's your choice if you'd like to use a toner or not, but I think toners are very beneficial and I do not go without one. Awesome.

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